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imgonnachangeitback said: I Absolutely Love, Love, Love your blog. it's so motivational and yummy ;p can't stop reblogging <3 xx

Aww thank you so much!! :) That means a lot to me!

scorpss said: Hi i saw that you are doing the 24 day challenge. I'm starting it next week and do you notice yourself slimming down or is it just building more muscle? Im very curious because I just want to lose fat. Thanks

It’s a little bit of both! I can definitely tell that I’ve lost fat in my stomach. It’s a lot more toned. Not as toned as I want it to be, but I’m only on day 9. My legs and arms are more toned as well, but I didn’t have a lot of fat in those to begin with. But my stomach I have definitely lost fat!! It also cleanses your system, which is super healthy for you. I would for sure try it out! It has made me feel amazing so far.

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